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Hackt1vator is a free, untethered, iCloud, MDM, and Passcode bypassing tool that can be used to bypass checkm8 devices from iOS 12 and above on Windows.

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An iCloud bypassing tool like no other

The Hackt1vator tool is designed to provide an untethered bypass for all checkm8 compatible devices, free of charge.

Fully Untethered

A fully untethered bypass

Hackt1vator is designed to help you bypass your iCloud-locked device as easily as possible.

  • Software available on Windows and MacOS
  • Supports iPhone 5s - X
  • Supports various iPad models
  • Bypass devices on iOS 12+ (including iOS 17)
Powerful Features

We make the bypassing process easy

With our easy to use GUI, you can bypass any checkm8 device in a matter of minutes.

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Download Hackt1vator on Windows and macOS

Download Hackt1vator by clicking on the link below which will take you to the downloads page.

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After you have downloaded Hackt1vator, you need to jailbreak your device.

By using Hackt1vator's pre-packed jailbreak tools, simply press the "Jailbreak" button and follow the steps provided by the tool. If you want to MDM bypass your device you don't need to do this.

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Bypass your device after you have jailbroken it.

Once your device has been jailbroken, you can press the button for the bypass you need. The tool will unlock your device, and you can now use it normally!


View our list of compatible devices

Hackt1vator is compatible with all checkm8 devices on any iOS above iOS 12. Find the full list of devices the tool can bypass below.

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Read the detailed Article from One Jailbreak

Read the Article about Hackt1vator AiO from One Jailbreak to learn more about Hackt1vator

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Bypass your device with Hackt1vator

Bypass your device today and download the Hackt1vator tool by using the link below!